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The gastric balloon for swallowing allurion

Gastric Balloon for swallowing Allurion, cost, prices, Antalya, Turkey, Obesity Clinic, Obesity Center.

The swallowable gastric balloon Elipse ™ from the company Allurion is an innovative treatment method for weight reduction, which has already become established worldwide.

Conventional gastric balloons are inserted endoscopically into the patient's stomach via a tube by gastroscopy. The company Allurion has developed a novel variant of gastric balloon treatment: the swallowing balloon Elipse ™ . The great advantage of this development is that comfortable weight reduction is possible without surgery, without endoscopy and without anesthesia as part of the Elipse ™ balloon program.


Elipse ™ Gastric Balloon Treatment: How it Works

The Elipse ™ gastric balloon is placed in the patient's stomach and reduces its volume. As a result, patients can no longer eat so much and get full faster. The gastric balloon can thus support people in losing weight who have not been successful with other methods so far and help them to a healthier life.

The special feature of the Elipse ™ gastric balloon is the type of treatment, i.e. the insertion and removal of the balloon. The Elipse ™ gastric balloon is a so-called swallow balloon. It is emptied by the patient, swallowed down in the form of a capsule and as soon as it has arrived in the stomach, it is filled with a liquid via a fine tube attached to the capsule. Subsequently, the tube is carefully withdrawn by the doctor, and the patient can go home.


Removal of the Elipse ™ gastric balloon

The Elipse ™ gastric balloon empties all by itself via a timed release valve that opens after about 16 weeks. The soft shell of the balloon is excreted naturally through the intestine, without the need for any intervention.

Anaesthesia: no anaesthesia necessary, non-surgical procedure

Duration: Treatment lasts about 20 minutes, outpatient

Scope: 4 months of wear

Sociability: Immediately socially acceptable again, if necessary 2-3 days


What side effects can occur?

The gastric balloon makes the stomach bigger and you can absorb even more food after removing the balloon.

If you want to have a stomach reduction after the gastric balloon,

this is a revision operation and costs accordingly more.

Especially in the first days after the onset, the side effects of a gastric balloon can be significant. Typical are nausea, abdominal cramps and a pronounced feeling of fullness. These complaints settle as soon as the stomach gets used to the foreign body. This is usually the case after about three to seven days. However, even in the long term, some patients complain of a constant feeling of pressure or fullness, belching and heartburn. If the gastric balloon causes permanent problems, it should be removed ahead of time.


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Gastric Balloon, Antalya, Turkey, Obesity Clinic, Obesity Center

Gastric Balloon, cost, prices, Antalya, Turkey, Obesity Clinic, Obesity Center.

By using a gastric balloon in conjunction with a dietary change carried out under supervision can cause serious health problems of obesity patients significantly reduced while achieving a new quality of life.


The gastric balloon system consists of a soft, expandable balloon, an insert tube and a filling system. The balloon can be inserted through the mouth & removed - without surgery or cuts.


When the empty balloon is in the stomach, it is filled with a sterile saline solution.


The amount of filling is adapted to the patient and varies between 400 - 700 ml.


The balloon of the system now floats freely in the stomach and fills it partially.


The patient reaches a feeling of satiety with a much smaller amount of food & now consumes less food.


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